Building a custom home can be a rewarding and exciting endeavour while recognizing it can also be an overwhelming process. Moderno’s building team guides you through the various stages of the process to ensure your journey through every stage of the home building experience is informative and well planned.


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One of the first major decisions in the home building process is “Where do you want to live?”  Whether the location that you desire to live is in the inner city or on an acreage, or perhaps you already have your own location, Moderno can assist you in attaining land in your desired area or build on a lot you have already purchased.


Once you have selected your building location, it’s time to engage in the home design process. Starting with your selected building location, we can begin laying out your home plan to determine what size and type of home will fit your property. In this phase of the design process we will guide you through all the necessary steps to ensure that your end result has all the comforts, components and living features that you envisioned for your new home.




The next step is to determine what style of home you are looking to build. Yourhome can be designed as Contemporary,Transitional, Traditional, Luxury, Modern or a blended mix that suits your taste.  Moderno can also build your home if you already have a design completed. With our internal design process, we can ensure that the home is designed with space planning at the forefront, while considering interior and exterior design features that you have in mind.

Quite often, in inner city and acreage lots there is a development permit process prior to building. We have made many applications over the years to see this process through with you to ensure the permit process leading from lot selection to building permit is seamless.


With our internal designers, this is where we really spend some quality time with you to ensure that the finest detail is not overlooked during the interior design and selections process.

We pride ourselves on our multi stage interior design and selection process to capture elaborate and progressive designs in your home so that the home truly becomes a vision of you.




Now that we have finalized the design construction begins.The new build experience progresses in 15 stages of activity during construction:

1. Excavation
2. Foundation
3. Framing
4. Lock Up
5. Exterior Finish

6. Mechanical
7. Electrical
8. Audio Sound
9. Drywall
10. Interior Finishing

11. Landscaping
12. Final Detailing
13. Pre-Occupancy Walk Thru
14. Final Touch Ups
15. Celebration!

During the above stages, through pre-arranged visits, you’ll get to experience the build site and watching your home evolve into the home you envisioned.  During these visits our project management team will outline some of the key features of your home to ensure that the building process reflects precisely your design intent and vision.


The day we hand you the keys to your new home, it is Moderno’s mission for you to move in to a problem-free home. That’s why we believe that the time spent on function testing, detailing and touch ups prior to occupancy provide the final move in day as a day of celebration.